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SelectH2 mini – the selective gas detector for every workshop

The small but powerful SelectH2 mini leakage detector
The SelectH2 mini comes with all the features essential for professional leak detection work. As such, this product made in Germany can even be used to test large air conditioning systems on trucks and buses/coaches economically and reliably. Whether it be the illuminated LCD display, the battery state indicator, the practical integrated working light or the ergonomic housing design, the SelectH2 mini leakage detector guarantees that you can detect leaks over the long term with minimal environmental impact. The flexible gooseneck makes detecting leaks a much simpler affair.

Economical and environmentally friendly
Time is money in workshop operations, so the leakage detector needs to be carefully calibrated in order to, for example, detect a faulty heat exchanger even without removing the dashboard. It reacts exclusively to hydrogen, so there is no danger of misdiagnosis due to oil and petrol fumes. When used in fresh air, the SelectH2 mini automatically calibrates to zero. The leakage detector works using forming gas, which consists of 95 percent nitrogen and 5 percent hydrogen and thereby complies with Directive 2006/40/EC governing emissions from air conditioning systems in motor vehicles. The leakage detector's success in detecting leaks is also down to its two sensors (unique dual sensor system). The SelectH2 mini works using diffusion and can already select escaping gas at extremely low concentrations, in this case based on millionths (ppm). This guarantees a high hit rate even with the smallest leaks. The leakage detector indicates leaks via an acoustic alarm. The speed of the intermittent acoustic alarm increases as the detected concentration increases. The sensor check is carried out automatically, meaning errors are also detected automatically.

Regardless of whether you opt for the SelectH2 featuring a high-quality aluminium housing and practical suction pump, or the new SelectH2 mini with an ergonomic plastic housing design without a suction pump (as it works using diffusion) but instead with an integrated working light – you will always find the right product in the SelectH2 range.


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SelectH2 mini
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