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Vehicle fuses

Effective immediately, the right MICRO2 or MICRO3 fuse for your application will always be close at hand. The Elparts product range now includes a new assortment of fuses containing MICRO2 and MICRO3 fuses in all the usual rated current variants. The MICRO2 fuses are available in 5 A, 7.5 A, 10 A, 15 A, 20 A, 25 A and 30 A versions, whereas the MICRO3 fuses (with three plug contacts) cover variants with a rated current of 5 A, 7.5 A, 10 A and 15 A. The rated current values mentioned above each come in quantities of 10 units: the assortment therefore contains 110 parts in total. The spectrum of application is universal for various vehicle models.

More and more electrical consumers are used in modern vehicles, causing the problem of finding space for fuses to become correspondingly acute. MICRO2 and MICRO3 flat-type plug-in fuses enable multiple circuits to be protected in a very small space thanks to their diminutive size. Moreover, they are able to withstand ambient conditions such as extreme heat and cold thanks to their silver-plated contacts. Naturally, all of the fuses boast a high level of quality.

In addition, we can also supply an inline fuse holder for MICRO2 fuses which is inserted into an existing electrical line in order to protect a circuit (up to a current of 30 A). One additional new fuse holder has been designed to function as a junction holder. Using this variant, additional consumers can be connected quickly and easily. The MICRO2 fuse which had previously been inserted in the fuse holder is removed, replaced by the additional holder and then inserted into the lower slot on the holder. Once this is done, the circuit will be protected once more. The top slot should be fitted with an additional fuse to protect the newly connected consumer.


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