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Sockets for ISOBUS technology

Effective immediately, our Elparts range now contains two different sockets and a plug housing set featuring ISOBUS technology. "Precision farming" refers to a procedure for targeted cultivation of agricultural land. The differences in the soil, the positions of the agricultural machinery, the ploughing depth and many other elements are recorded and calculated using cutting-edge data acquisition and satellite navigation systems. The goal is a considerable saving in terms of time and costs, while taking into consideration the ecological relief that comes with the use of fewer herbicides and fertilisers, for example.

This technology is made possible through the use of electronic control systems between the tractor and a wide range of agricultural accessories. As so often happens, the various system suppliers each developed their own specific operating terminals and control units. To solve this problem, the ISOBUS system was developed to standardise control signal transmission between different manufacturers in accordance with ISO 11783. Using just one operating terminal in the driving cab, it is now considerably faster and easier (using plug and play technology) to switch between accessories. This also applies to communication with the agricultural office software.

The new (active and passive) ISOBUS sockets and the ISOBUS plug housing set can be ordered immediately. The "active" socket is mounted on the rear of the tractor and the "passive" socket is optionally mounted on the front. The new range of ISOBUS sockets and housings offers practical advantages that set it apart from the products available on the market until now:

  • The locking system is identical with the cover closed and a plug inserted.
  • The emergency release of the socket clip prevents damage when the plug is unintentionally pulled out of the socket.
  • The integrated circuit board is encapsulated in water-proof 2K adhesive.
  • The cover seal is non-detachable.

ISOBUS technology is rapidly growing in popularity, and the demand for replacement parts is also increasing with it. This new range is our customary early reaction to new developments.

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Plug housing set
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