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Wheel sensor with snap-in rubber valve

The snap-in wheel sensor perfectly complements our AirGuard concept, as it enables better coverage of the rims used in the market. It can be installed in both light alloy rims and steel rims. With this part, the range of possible applications is now more versatile.

It now also extends to low profile tyres, for example. The sensor has been designed to be ten grams lighter and flatter than its metal valve equivalent, while the outer dimensions have remained unchanged. This sensor can also be activated in a sensor bay. Alternatively, there is also the option of wireless activation with the AirGuard software from version 1.29 onwards. Please note that the permissible maximum speed is officially restricted to 210 km/h. The wheel sensors with snap-in rubber valve now available in our Elparts range are always blank and not activated. The sensors therefore only begin their product life upon activation. In contrast, it is common practice on the market to supply preprogrammed sensors, which therefore have an expiry date. Installation is pretty quick and simple: The sensor is screwed to the valve with a Torx 10 key and a torque of 2 Nm. Designed for this purpose, i.e. the default, is the tool set SensoFix. Additional information: The battery cannot be changed, as the sensor is solid cast. It can be repeatedly overwritten and is programmed with AirGuard.

The wheel sensor with rubber valve is now available as standard delivery. 

Wheel Sensor, tyre pressure monitoring system
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