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Protection against voltage peaks!

The market for cars fitted with H7 halogen lamps in Germany is huge. According to the latest investigation by the DAT (German Automobile Trust), around 80 percent of all cars registered in Germany (some 35.2 million vehicles) still light up their surroundings using H7 bulbs. The number of the more expensive Xenon lamps is only gradually increasing (around 16 percent of all registered cars). The service life of H7 bulbs is heavily impaired by voltage peaks that affect the bulbs. The ideal scenario is a steady power supply to both bulbs.

We are now offering a voltage limiter for 12 V lamps in the Elparts range. This reduces the voltage applied by 0.8 V, thereby protecting the H7 bulbs against such voltage peaks, which has a positive effect on their service life. Meanwhile, the light power remains unaffected. The voltage limiters should always be installed in pairs, which is why we offer them in a pack of two. Technically, the voltage limiter has a ceramic connector with a diode in the positive line, which reliably reduces the voltage. The cables themselves are made of silicon. Important: The voltage limiter can only be used for vehicles that have a removable lamp connector.
Installation is extremely simple: The contacts of the bulb are plugged into the adapter, which is connected to the vehicle plug via a cable. Now secure the bulbs again using the clips located on the headlights and that's it!

Voltage limiter, electrical system
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