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lunedì, 02 Ottobre 2023
  • Temperature-flexible: The spring-band clamp

    A practical and safe work aid for workshops. The spring-band clamp available in our Elparts range has an advantage over conventional hose clamps in that it adapts to the respective diameter in the area of application. The flexible holding mechanism of the clamp makes this possible. If the temperature rises in the area of application, the fluid system increases its diameter – the clamp thereby adapts to the increased cross-section. The opposite also applies for the cold. This means that all air or fuel circuits present in the vehicle are always securely attached. The optimum hold provided by the systems also creates one further advantage: This attachment solution is more durable, as the pipelines do not chafe or rub. The galvanised steel of the spring-band clamp in accordance with DIN/ISO 3021 guarantees temperature resistance of -40°C to 200°C. The clamps are available in different sizes (nominal diameters) from 13 mm to 55 mm and are therefore suitable for all common vehicle models.

    Hose clamp
    Spring-band clamp
    Article number: 502685*


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