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  • New special pliers

    We added spring-band clamps to the Elparts product range in 2016. The perfect tool for processing spring-band clamps quickly and safely is now available to accompany them. The pliers are easy to handle. They have a ribbed tool head with vertical and horizontal indentations which ensure that the clamps fit perfectly and securely in the pliers. The tool’s dimensions are perfectly tailored to engine bays with limited space, whilst the indentations mentioned above make it ideally suited to use with the head end and side alike. This means that we now have the right installation and removal tool for all clamps in our product range. One last word on the spring-band clamps available from the Elparts product range: compared to conventional hose clamps, this particular variant has the added advantage of being able to adapt to the diameter of the cables to be fixed in each case (in variable temperature conditions).

    Pliers, hose clamp
    Article number: 95922000


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