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  • Herth+Buss: Equipped for the future.

    Thermostats form part of the cooling system in a passenger car. The map-controlled cooling system used in modern passenger cars offers significant advantages over conventional methods. They shorten the cold start phase without impairing the engine's service life. This not only reduces fuel consumption and emission levels – the interior also heats up more quickly. In the cooling system a thermostat ensures that the internal combustion engine reaches its optimum operating temperature as quickly as possible and maintains it whatever the operating conditions. Nowadays this method can be controlled electronically with far greater accuracy than in the past. Modern, performance-optimised passenger cars need cooling control for a wide working range – this resulted in the electrically heated, map-controlled thermostat. This ensures precise, demand-driven control of the cooling circuit via the map-controlled thermostat whatever the engine load. The variables taken into account by the control unit also include the engine load, intake air temperature and naturally the coolant temperature. For this reason map-controlled thermostats from Herth+Buss come pre-equipped with a coolant temperature sensor.

    We offer the map-controlled thermostat with sensor and seals featuring our customary top quality and optimum accuracy of fit.



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