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Fast, powerful and safe

We spotted the trend early on. For some time now, the Elparts product portfolio has included USB charging sockets and plugs, firstly with a 1 A charging current – then 2.5 A – for each USB socket. However, the consumers which need to be charged are becoming much more varied (mobile phones, tablets, MP3 players etc.) and more power is required to be able to charge them appropriately, including while they are in use. We reacted accordingly and are launching the addition to the plugs+sockets range in the form of the latest generation of USB charging technology: 3 A charging power per socket for 12 V or 24 V vehicle electrical systems, meaning it can be used for cars and commercial vehicles alike. Our guarantee: a full 3 A current is applied at the outlet by reliable and durable German technology and top-quality workmanship. As a further technical development, the new product range offers variants for every application:

  • socket as a fixed installation with bolted-on plate and protective cover
  • built-up socket
  • built-up socket combined with 2 power sockets
  • adapter with configured plug and 2 power sockets


Article number: 51306862, -864

Socket adapter
Article number: 51306865

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