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Fan controller – For a guaranteed clear view

Everybody knows that you need a clear view to drive safely. However, the interior blowers (blower stages 1-4) on many vehicles are defective and have a restricted function, or even none at all. If cold air and rain then fog up the windscreen, this can quickly become a safety risk. The only solution is a working blower. For vehicles equipped with air conditioning, the individual blower stages are automatically controlled. If one stage of the blower fails, this is usually due to a defective blower controller rather than the interior blower itself. As the series resistor limits current flow most strongly at low blower levels, the blower controller can burn out.
Herth+Buss offers vehicle specific blower controllers in its Elparts range, including for Mercedes, BMW, Citroën, Peugeot and vehicles of the VAG group. The range is constantly being expanded.

Control unit, heating/ventilation
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