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CrankPrint – Tests starter batteries reliably

The new CrankPrint battery tester – which was developed for testing starter batteries and the starting and charge system in vehicles – boasts impressive performance and features. A precise conductance measurement method ensures that a starter battery's cold-start performance and starting capability can be precisely and reliably determined. The battery tester offers considerable advantages over its predecessor:

  • more precise test measurement results
  • tests a multitude of battery types
  • option of saving vehicle licence plates, customer number and workshop address
  • previous 100 test results automatically saved
  • improved printer paper insertion
  • automatic temperature compensation

Start-stop batteries can also be tested alongside AGM, spiral, flat-plate, gel and conventional wet-cell batteries, making for an outstanding spectrum of coverage. Users include vehicle workshops, manufacturers of automobiles and batteries in addition to battery retailers.

Just like its predecessor, the new CrankPrint model also features the usual tried-and-tested functions. These include the integrated thermal printer, the direct detection of defective battery cells, reverse polarity protection for the device and the battery, in addition to the option of testing discharged batteries. What's more, the user also has the option of choosing from five different menu languages (German, English, Spanish, Italian and French). The spectrum of application is vast in this case, too, with ten test standards available to choose from. The CrankPrint tester is supplied with a practical storage case.

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