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Compact and optimum illumination

With the new LED interior light in the Elparts range, we are expanding the range of applications covered by our interior lights. First the compact, round design (diameter: 16 centimetres) simplifies installation in places that were previously out of the question due to lack of space, and second, the integrated motion sensor makes the light ideal for use in sensitive security areas. The light is suitable for all cargo space entrances that are not easy to see into, such as truck trailers of all kinds, containers, construction trailers, etc. Another major area of application is, of course, mobile homes and caravans and their awnings. This compact light can also be used in narrow recesses and nooks. Thanks to its homogeneous illumination and the glare-free light (consisting of 21 LEDs = 1397 lumens, light colour white), it works reliably, durably and very economically. Several of the same lights can be synchronously controlled, it can easily withstand ambient temperatures of -30°C to 50°C and the automatically activated motion sensor remains active for up to five minutes. Further technical details: With protection class IP67, the light is absolutely dustproof and even protected against temporary immersion, and with a voltage of 12 V and 24 V, it can be used in both car and truck electrical systems.


Interior light
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