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AirClean – Professional A/C disinfection

We have substantially expanded our portfolio of A/C system maintenance products: our AirClean system (spray gun and A/C system cleaner) available from the Elparts range disinfects the vehicle interior and its A/C system with a minimum of effort, reducing germs, fungi, viruses and bacteria in the process. AirClean is suitable for all vehicles – from cars to utility vehicles, mobile homes to construction vehicles, tractors and agricultural machinery. It is also ideal for vehicles that are subject to frequent changes of user, as is the case for fleet management, vehicle rentals and passenger transport (taxis, buses and trains). There are many scenarios where using AirClean makes perfect sense, especially in workshops: before selling a vehicle, after buying a used car, for purging the A/C system of pollen and spores and as an effective measure against mould. What’s more, we give workshops the opportunity to perform vehicle disinfection after repairing the A/C system – without significant deployment of personnel and without harming the environment. This is an interesting added benefit for the customer.

What is AirClean and what are its advantages? AnoKath forms the basis of the AirClean cleaner. It is a powerful oxidising agent consisting of an aqueous solution with a low sodium chloride content and prepared by means of a special electrolysis process. The special AirClean cold atomiser is able to generate floating mist from a liquid in conjunction with a compressor. The disinfection using AnoKath is based on mineral substances. The benefits are obvious: only low material costs are incurred and the time required to perform a disinfection like this is minimal. There is no need to wait after using AirClean: you can continue working inside the vehicle immediately. In other words, there is no danger of contaminating workshop staff members.

How does AirClean work? The disinfectant can be fed into the car from outside, i.e. through the A/C system’s air intake, or from within by setting the device up in the passenger compartment. The cold mist is extremely light and floats for a long time. This means that it even gets behind all panels and reliably kills germs, spores, bacteria and viruses in doing so. When the vehicle’s air circulation system is running, the active substance is conveyed throughout the vehicle interior and into the A/C system, which is also disinfected in the process. The user is able to determine the path that the mist should take by directing the pistol’s outlet and by opening and closing the intake ducts and/or ventilation louvres.


Spray Gun, air conditioning cleaner/-disinfectant
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Air conditioning cleaner/-disinfectant
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