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34-piece press-fit/extraction tools

With the help of our compact set, installing and removing vehicle-specific bearings and bearing bushes (silent bearings, hydraulic bearings, rubber bearings) becomes child’s play.
The set constitutes a quality repair solution of the very highest calibre. The comprehensive set is perfectly accommodated in a carrying case. It contains 20 different press-fit and pulling sleeves, four spindles, eight nuts and two step discs. The sleeves feature a slit-shaped opening which enables the insertion and extraction process to be observed closely. In turn, this prevents the bearing from being overloaded. The step discs feature circular indentations on both sides to allow the press-fit and pulling sleeves to be inserted with a perfect fit. The spindles have a flat thread and are solid and durable. Spindle nuts are fitted with bearings in order to reduce friction. This makes light work of inserting and extracting bearings, which is a safeguard for quality and safety. Simply select the appropriate insertion and extraction sleeves, put on the corresponding step discs, position them on the spindles, slide these through the bearing opening and then tighten the threaded nuts. With the help of a conventional spanner and applying minimal force, the bearing to be extracted is then pulled into the extraction sleeve, or the new bearing is pressed into the bearing housing.
Our tool set provides a comprehensive universal solution for inserting and extracting bushes and bearings. It marks a considerable improvement over existing repair solutions. Over 366 track control arm and control arm/trailing arm bush parts from the Jakoparts product range are linked to the set. The parts concerned are noted in the online catalogue alongside the corresponding tool (main product) or the respective control arm or bearing (accessory product). The insertion/extraction tool set is thus the ideal supplement for wearing parts from the Jakoparts range.

Press-fit/extraction tools
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