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  • Strobe-type beacon – Now with ECE-R65

    Beacons in accordance with the ECE-R65 regulation must be designed in such a way that during normal use and the associated vibrations, faultless operation in terms of light distribution, light colour and light intensity is maintained. Our three redesigned beacons now available in the Elparts range meet this quality standard to a high degree.
    Common to all three products are twelve bright, light-intensive LEDs with the familiar low energy consumption and long service life. The electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) is guaranteed. The rated voltage stays within the tolerance range between 12 V and 36 V. The protection class is IP67 (protected against dust and temporary immersion).

    Details on the individual items:

    Strobe-type beacon 84770608
    Five different flash frequencies are programmable. By setting the frequency to 120 double flashes a minute, for example, the beacon can also be fitted on extra-wide combine harvesters and similar agricultural and forestry vehicles. The three-point fastening technology guarantees permanently secure use and operation on uneven and rough terrain.

    Strobe-type beacon 84770609
    With the legally prescribed flash frequency and installation using pipe brackets, the beacon is the ideal guarantor of safety for industrial trucks such as forklift trucks and other machinery.

    Strobe-type beacon 84770610
    The magnetic mounting of the strobe-type beacon and the legally prescribed flash frequency make it a universally usable and exchangeable safety light, e.g. for municipal vehicles. The light is supplied with a plug for the cigarette lighter.

    Strobe-type beacon
    Article number: 84770608, -610


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